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Ride & Culture

10     3h    

Available in Spanish & English

Time: 10:00/18:00h

Price: from 29 €

Our Bike Tour is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to get to know the city of Cádiz, from the old town to the new part. We'll pedal through the city discovering its hidden corners and you will also hear about the local stories with our expert guides . What would take you a whole morning to discover, you can see in just a couple of ours with our bikes! A perfect, healty and ecologic combination between sport, laughs and history!

  • Find out more about places of interest in Cadiz
  • Save time
  • Local Guide
  • Bike & equiment
  • Best panoramic views !!
  • Learn about the local gastronomy

The tour starts in: San Juan de Dios square

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Planing de la visita

The Bike Tour begins at Paseo de canalejas , where we will pick you up and do the first introductiones to the tour. After that, we will get our bikes and head to the City Hall. Next we'll go out through Puerta Tierra, the old wall that separates the two sides of the city, to visit the beaches of the new part. Back in the old town we'll see the little Habana, Campo del Sur , a cultural mosaic where we can distinguish the contrasting footprints of the diverse civilisations that have passed through the city.

Next we have the Old Cathedral, formerly a mosque and now known as Santa Cruz church, a quick stop before venturing into the picturesque neighbourhood of el Pólpulo, the oldest in the city, finding our way through the medieval streets into the Roman theatre which lies underground, beneath the neighbourhood.
We will not lose sight of the Admiral's House , a product of Indian commerce in the city, in the direction of the Cathedral .

Passing by the Admiral’s house, a unique baroque-style building situated in the heart of el Pópulo, we’ll head towards the Cathedral square where we can appreciate the contrasting architectural styles that make it so unique.

From here we’ll make our way through the slightly busier commercial streets towards Plaza de las Flores, situated between palatial homes and the post office building which leads into one of the most beloved stops: Mercado de Abastos, the Central Market, where we will immerse ourselves into its heart contemplating the great variety and freshness of the produce it has to offer, being able appreciate the scale (no pun intended!) of the fishing tradition in the city and the generous diversity of local seafood.

Just a few more meters and we enter La Viña, a friendly fishermen neighbourhood with plenty of character, famous for its many tapas restaurants and its carnival. From here we'll cycle to the beach of la Caleta: a small but charming beach guarded by its two castles and under the convenient shade of the Balneario de la Palma. Here we can visit Castillo de San Sebatián, one of the two castles whith one of the best panoramics of the city, the only point where we can observe Cádiz from the sea without getting wet!

And to finish, there's no better way than to cycle by the sea through the bike path, passing through our charming parks like Parque Genovés and Alameda Apodaca, before we get back to the starting point.

Meeting Point San Juan de Dios square (Main entrance of touristic information office)
1ª Stop Santa Maria beach
2ª Stop Fortress gate Puerta Tierra
3ª Stop Campo del sur (Little Habana)
4ª Stop Saint Cruz church
5ª Stop El Pópulo neighbourhood
6ª Stop Roman Theater
7ª Stop The elf alley
8ª Stop Cádiz Cathedral
9ª Stop Flower Square
10ª Stop Central Market
11ª Stop Cruz Verde Square
12ª Stop La Palma Church
13ª Stop San Sebastian castle
14ª Stop La Caleta Beach
15ª Stop Parque GENOVÉS
16ª Stop Carmen church's
17ª Stop Alameda Apodaca
18ª Stop Casa de las cuatro torres
19ª Stop Plaza de España