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Taste the city

12     3 h    

Available in Spanish & English

Time: 13:00h / 20:00h

Price: from 29.00 €

Surround yourself with the best company and taste the most popular tapas and wines from the area while enjoying the city life by the hand of our local guides on a tour through our favourite tapas bars. From historic restaurants to the most remote taverns in an authentic tapas bar experience spread between different locations.

  • Discover the best local restaurants
  • Taste three different drinks
  • Learn more about wine & tapas from Cádiz
  • Vegetarian options available
  • Specials discounts in each bar
  • Enjoy three different Tapas

The tour starts in: Iberian meat

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Planing de la visita

In our Tapas Tour we'll take you to our favourite establishments where you can discover the local gastronomy and vibrant lifestyle of the city of Cádiz. Walking through our picturesque streets, we'll go through various neighbourhoods and visit different bars where you'll get to taste a wide variety of local produce: from cheese and cured meats from the province's villages to our popular "pescaito frito" (Cádiz's famous fried fish), as well some original specialities from the best restaurants. Always with a glass of local wine on our hand, of course, or a refreshing beer if you prefer so. Join us to discover the real Cádiz, a true local experience.

Meeting Point Iberian meat (Under the big tree in front of the University)
1ª Stop Fried fish
2ª Stop Cured meat, sausaques and cheeses
3ª Stop Seafood rice